The scissor is your friend

Hola cómo están hoy? Acá les quiero mostrar mi polo tijereteado, de un polo básico pasó a ser un bvd cortado a los lados y en la espalda. Es muy fácil de hacer, no le tengan miedo a la tijera y experimenten con sus cosas!
Hey how you doing today? Here i wanted to show you my cutted top, it use to be a basic tee and ended up being this tank cut at the sides and the back. It’s very easy to make, don’t be afraid of the scissor and experiment with your stuff!

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  1. That looks great! I went through a phase of customising my own clothes, but then realise that it’s not really my style! You have to actually be kind of a punk rock funky chick to pull it off, just like you are! 🙂


  2. In spite being cut by scissors, your blouse still looks fabulous. That blouse would go well with my new designer skinny jeans.Thanks for the brilliant idea…

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