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Hey como van? Ahora se me ocurrió salir un poco de las tendencias y postear sobre las bandas de música y sus integrantes que, según mi punto de vista, tienen un looksazo y harrrta actitud, cosa que me inspira un montón al momento de elegir que me pongo!! Que claro, también coinciden que son mis grupos favoritos 🙂 Bueno, los dejo con algunas fotos inspiradoras!!
Hey how you doing? I’ve decide to leave a bit beside the trends and make a post about the music bands and their members that, by my point of view, have a super great look and a lot of attitude, thing that inspires me a lot at the moment of choosing what should i wear!! Of course, they match my favorite bands as well 🙂 Well, i leave you with some inspiring pics!!

En orden de aparición: Depeche Mode, Bjork, Justice, Crystal Castles, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Libertines, MGMT, Santogold, The Strokes.

A ustedes que bandas o personajes los inspira???
Which bands or characters inspires you???




  1. I love all these bands and they’re so bad-ass! My favorite bands are usually old school like the beatles or the beachboys but I also like quirky musicians like Mika! xoxxoo

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