Overall + Parka

Overall y parka Camote Soup, Sweatshirt y zapatillas Nike
Fotos: Alonso Valdivia

Muchas veces pensamos que es un toque complicado combinar un enterizo o un overall pero en verdad es súper fácil! Pueden probar con un polo o un sweatshirt por dentro y una parka encima como hice yo y dependiendo de la situación, usar zapatillas, botines o ballerinas. 
Sometimes we think it’s a bit hard to combine an overall but it is really easy actually. You can try with a sweatshirt or any basic top inside and a parka over it like i did, and depending on the situation, wear it with sneakers, boots or flat shoes.

Recuerden que esta semana Camote Soup estará con muchos descuentos!! Les dejo el evento AQUÍ!




  1. Oh, I just discovered your blog a while ago and I’m just adoring it!

    I really like your style – although you’re wearing a lot of these pieces, that are ‘in’ at the Moment, you don’t seem to be just a Marionette of Fashion but still having your own style. Too, your style isn’t too high-Fashion but still inspiring for everyday life-outfits. That’s so awesome!
    I just love this Outfit particularly, because it made me realize, how easy it actually is to Combine Overalls – as you wrote. Especially, I like the way the shoes match the rest of the Outfit. Thank you, I’m now discovering my Overall in so many ways and can’t stop wearing it – after it spent a fairly Long time in the Corner of my wardrobe and I was already thinking about selling it.

    Also, your blog really motivates me in learning spanish 😉

    You’re great, Keep going on! Love from Finland, Rike ♥

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