I want it to be summer

Quiero que sea verano ya! O que comience a hacer algo de calor para ya usar cosas más ligeras, la verdad que ponerme muchas cosas para abrigarme me da claustrofobia, detesto sentir que no puedo estar totalmente libre como para moverme como quiera…Ustedes personas del hemisferio sur ya se cansaron del frío?


I want it to be summer! Or at least want a bit of warm weather so i can start using lighter stuff, i think i have a kind of “To many clothes claustrophobia”, i hate not to be able to move totally free and however i want…Are you people from the southern hemisphere tired of the cold weather?

In the pictures: Poncho – Papaya, Denim Shorts – Forever 21 , Leather bag – Claire’s, Perfume – Flower by Kenzo, Rings – Everywhere.

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  1. like like like, y de zapatos?….preguntales a las amigas, q le pondrian, yo le pondria unas sandalias d cuero super frescas o si es mas d noche talvez unas botas tejanas…

  2. Oh my God – thank you for being in the southern hemisphere with me! 🙂
    I am so sick of the cold, although it is getting better (slowly) over time!
    Five more days and it’ll officially be spring!
    I have started wearing pieces without tights (how I usually spend my Winter) because it has been getting warmer.
    I love all the navajo inspired pieces you have photographed, too! One of my favourite themes!
    Get warm soon, heh heh.



  3. Chicas, no sé ustedes, pero vivo en Tacna y honestamente el “frío” de Lima no es nada…se siente frío, sí, pero nada comparado con el sur. Además, cada vez los veranos serán más calurosos, y no un poco más calurosos, sino muchísimo más. Espero que estén preparadas y usen protector solar TODOS los días. Se nos viene un verano muy fuerte a toda la costa.

  4. Hello there sweetie! Cool pics, I love your clothing pieces, and as always in love with your rings! To be honest in Albania we don’t have a cold winter as in other places, we were coat of course, is cold but not such a big deal! Actually last year we had snow for the first time in 10 years I would say! So you know what I mean? But still I hate rain and in winter that is probably everyday thing! I am a summer lover! I like sunny days, like is now in Albania! I want to wear shorts and colorful clothes, I want to put many accessories all over me and I want to use millions of sunnies I have! I love to eat and cook ice cream and have photo-shoots as much as possible! so yup, this is me!
    thanks for the incredible post hun!
    xoxo Kiki

  5. hi Dear, thank you a lot for visiting my blog! Lovely stuff here! There s no summer in London as well 🙁 so share your feelings:)xxx

  6. So boho chic!:) It’s still hot where I live and I wish it was fall! ahaha. Now following your blog<3

  7. leo tu post y veo que hoy salio sol <3. que liindos son los dias soleados (Love Summer!)
    me encanto tu pulsera de correas, se parece a la de Johnny Depp. donde la conseguiste? besos

  8. Love everything on this outfit! I can’t pick a favorite since I want everything. haha.:) THanks for visiting my blog sweetie. Following you. xx


  9. I am already drooling over this look! Haha.. Especially the bag, shirt, and shorts.. See I want the opposite.. I want it to be freezing cold with snow!


  10. Hey darling !
    I wish I could have more winter over here, we only have to seasons, hot and rainy, I would love to take my leather jacket out of the closet 🙂
    Love your bracelet


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