Give it some color

Como andan todos hoy? Les quería mostrar mi nuevo pañuelo que “hice” cortando un retazo de tela, me gusta los colores que tiene y el diseño tiene una onda medio gypsy-folk que agregándole las extensiones de plumas a los lados me hacía sentir totalmente como Jack Sparrow jaja…
How is everyone doing today? I wanted to show you my new kerchief i “made” cutting a piece of fabric, i like the colors a lot and it has a nice gypsy-folk design that adding my feather extensions to the sides made me feel totally like Jack Sparrow haha…

Y ya tengo el resultado del sorteo del vestido….y la ganadora es….
I already have the result of the dress giveaway…and the winner is….

Arantxa Arrascue




  1. Te quedo precioso el pañuelo! Los colores de esa tela estan divinos!


  2. Hello there sweetie! Thanks for all lovely comments over my blogs, it means a lot to me! The contest is to win a trip in Australia, the chances for me to win are really low because I entered really late but is fun! Thanks for the comment there 2!
    I’m in Tirana, the new house is really cute. I unpacked my clothes but still we are waiting for our beds! I’m staying at my aunt’s house, they are on a trip in Italy and here I have free wireless!
    The post is great, love your style girl!
    Hope you’re having a great night!
    xoxo Kiki

  3. love this outfit. the shorts with the black tights and combat boots are fab! i also love how you tied that scarf around your head!

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