Esta es una de las nuevas faldas que han llegado al showroom de Camote Soup! La gasa es bella y tiene plumas estampadas, me encantó la tela ni bien la vi! Al igual que las otras faldas asimétricas del showroom, ésta la puedes usar de día como también de noche, depende con qué la combines! Entra AQUÍ para que veas más info del showroom!
This is one of the new skirts that have arrived to de Camote Soup’s trunkshow! The fabric is gorgeous and it has feathers printed on it, it was love at first sight with that fabric! And like the other assymetrical skirts of the trunkshow, you can wear it by day and also by night, depending in how you combine it!

Fotos: Handrez García

If you wanna buy this or any other item from Camote Soup but you don’t live in Perú, just write an email to camotesoup@hotmail.com




  1. you might be my favorite fashion blogger right now!! love the color combo and how the skirt is pieced with tough leather. don’t forget to check out my $50 gift card giveaway!

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