Fashion Hunt Lif Week 4

Y con estas fotos nos vamos acercando al final del Lif Week! Les dejo una foto del desfile de Andre Llosa que para mí hasta ahora ha sido lo mejor de la semana! Si quieren ver más fotos del desfile entre AQUI. En la semana estaré posteando mejores fotos de mi look de hoy! Nos vemos!
And with this we are getting near the end of the Lima Fashion Week! Below a photograph of the fashion show of Andrea Llosa that for me, was the best of all until now! If you wanna see more of it go HERE. Next week i’ll post better pictures of my outfit.

Fotos: Handrez García y yo.




  1. I see a lot of people with pale skincolor and not with the typical peruvian features. Is it true that racism is so huge in peru, that all upperclass are pale? Fuck how sad if so, maybe its true then that “the spaniards never left despues de colon”..

    /A concerned salvadorian in sweden

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