Comfiest pants ever!

A ustedes también les pasa que cuando se levantan muuuy temprano en invierno para ir a clases o ir a trabajar se mueren de ganas de salir de sus casas con buzo o ropa que no sea fría como un jean? Pues a mi siempre! Así que estoy segura que le voy a sacar la michi a este pantalón por dos motivos, 1. Combina con demasiadas cosas y 2. Es recontraaaa calientito! Qué les parece?
Does it also happens to you that when you wake up very early in winter to go to school or work you just want to go out with comfy warm clothes? Well to me always! So i’m sure i’m gonna be wearing this pants a looot! And why? Well, 1. It combines with many things and 2. It’s very warm and comfy! What do you think of it?
Chompa/Sweater: Camote Soup
Casaca/Jacket: Mango
Zapatos/Shoes: Aldo
Fotos: Alonso Valdivia




  1. Hey babe, haven’t been here in a while but gosh I’m glad I came back! Love this outfit – we’re experiencing a pretty cold winter here in Sydney and I’m really struggling to look good and be comfortable at the same time ahhaha! I see you don’t have that problem though? :p I love that beanie and the pants indeed look very comfortable – rather jealous! You just look good in everything don’t you? Loving your hair btw!


  2. me encanta el pantalon todavia los tienes?,yo estoy chocha con mis etnicos que me lleve la vez pasa super comodos quiero mas!!

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